Sivota is one of the most beautiful resorts not only in Greece but also in the whole Mediterranean. This part of Epirus which is full of natural beauties and winding terrain, combined with the nearby islands with turquoise waters, creates dozens of small and large bays with breathtaking beaches where the greenery of nature literally ends at sea.

Blue Lagoon Beach

Blue Lagoon beach is located in the island complex of Sivota and specifically in the largest of the three uninhabited islands, in Mourtos. There are many coves and beaches between the three islands of Sivota, but the most famous beach is the Swimming Pool(Blue Lagoon) which has a fantastic crystal blue color. Besides, the choice of her name is not accidental. Its transparent cool blue waters make you feel like you are in a “natural pool”! Many marine plants, which stand out like large dark spots, break the monotony of light blue waters. Most of it, however, is crystal clear blue. You will definitely enjoy snorkeling!




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