110 km Race Description

The length of the course is 110 km with 5000+ elevation. It starts from Ipsos and heads towards the village of Spartillas at the 5th km with water supply and runs towards Taxiarchi then leads up to the Mountain Pantokratoras, the highest mountain peak of Corfu.
After passing the Monastery of Kelia it follows the dirt road downhill until the village of Peritheia at the 12th km, one of the most spectacular points of the island, with food station left to the village. After 9 km of dirt road before a part of asphalt road and in a trail to the right the racers reach the village of Petaleia at the 21st km then continue on dirt road until the village of Episkepsi at the 24th km with water supply.
On a trail they run towards the village of Nimfes at the 28th km with beautiful waterfalls and they find the second central food station. The course continuous towards the traditional and spectacular villages of Klimatia at the 34th km with water supply and Kastellanous Girou, then to Alimatades and runs uphill to the mountain top of “Kratsalos” towards a monastery. Reaching the village of Lakones at the 50th km, we find the food station with the supporter bags, then the course passes through Giannades at the 62th km with water supply and then gets to the village of Vatos at the 70th km with the 4th food station. It is worth to give some notice to the famous region of Paleokastritsa.
This is one of the most beautiful views of the island harmonizing the green color of the vegetation with the deep blue color of the sea. From here the runners continue on an asphalt road for 2 km next to the bar Acapulco and enter the trail to reach the beautiful village of Liapades. From here through dirt roads the course runs towards Ermones passing through the beaches of Myrtiotissa, Glyfada, Kontogialo, reaches the village of Varypatades at the 76th km with water supply and on a dirt road passes the villages of Kouramades, Kastellani at the 83th km with a food station.
The course turns towards the village of Agoi Deka at the 88th km with water supply and runs downhill to the village of Garouna on a traditional dirt road not so technical. The athletes pass through the huge olive trees until they reach the village of Stavros at the 93th km with the last food station. Leaving Stavros they continue towards Komianata where the trail leads to the church Pantokratora Stavrou and run downhill to the village of Stroggily at the 98th km.
The course turns uphill to the left until the peak of the hill for 500m on asphalt road where they find at their right hand the trail that leads them to Episkopiana, then run downhill to reach the finish line in the village of Moraitika.



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